During the early 1960s I used to listen to Radio Luxembourg which crackled over the airwaves into the UK. I then moved on to the pirate station Radio Caroline before I discovered all my mates were listening to the same music. Wanting to do something different I then switched to listening to foreign language stations around the mid-sixties. On reflection I suspect my interest was aroused by France Gall winning the Eurovision Song Contest in 1965 with Poupée de cire, poupée de son. For the next four years or so I carried on doing so - with the exception of listening to the English service of Radio Prague during the “Prague Spring” of 1968! The period 1965 - 1970 coincided with the period when Peggy March was probably at her most successful in the German market. She was on the radio every evening though at the time though my German wasn’t good enough to understand that she wasn’t actually a German singer with an anglicised name!

Revelation only followed the age of the Internet and Google - I rediscovered her in 2007 and now enjoy listening to her songs again.