Peggy's School friend Concetta Weigner

I am one of Peggy's best friends from grade school & high school. I have always known her as "Peachie" and always will. We were March birthday buddies, mine the day before hers.

I accompanied her as her traveling companion on a promotional tour in the summer of 1965. We toured about 10 cities across the United States. We were 17 yrs old, and "good catholic girls" with very limited "street smarts". But Peggy's uncle was her manager at the time and he kept a tight rein on us. We traveled with a band from Milwaukee and the drummer had a Ringo Starr haircut. We flew from city to city. The purpose of the tour was to showcase RCA records new hit recording artist,Peggy March performing her hit record, "I Will Follow Him" with the band, and two dancers from New York. After the musical shows in each city, there was a fashion show with local Department Store models showcasing their new "Mod" line of clothing.

You can imagine how much fun we had! It was the first time I was ever in an airplane and Peggy & I had a great time with the rest of the group. I remember seeing how much more sophisticated she was in this entertainment "world" than I was - I really admired that. I remember talking late into the nite while we were in our hotel room, and how great it felt to share the experiences of the day, and talk about the people we met.

She was a hit in every city, and drew large audiences. But Peachie never let any of this success go to her head at all. She preferred to "stay grounded" which she always did. I remember in Oklahoma City, we were staying in the same hotel as Herman's Hermits, and we got their autograph. We met two baseball players from the college who were at the hotel trying to get some autographs and when they realized who she was, they became a little shy at that point. But after a few laughs, and a few minutes conversing, they were at ease and just had fun. Peachie never has lost touch with her "core" values and has been a true and good friend to the people she loves.

I am very glad to have shared the "tour" experience with her with all the great memories, but most importantly, I remember the pajama parties, dances and first crushes we shared. I am grateful to have continued into a lifetime friendship with "Peachie".