Growing up with Peggy in Lansdale by Peggy's sister Linda

I was born in 1952 so I was quite young when Peggy took her journey into the “other life.” However, before she left home when she was eighteen, I remember it like it was yesterday, we used to sleep in a double bed even though we had enough bedrooms for each of us to have our own room. I, you see, was afraid of the fire whistle that would blast during the night and scare the crap out of me and I would hold on to Peg for dear life. Anyway, she told me one night that she was leaving home to go live in New York and I cried myself to sleep which was the beginning of losing my big sister. I couldn’t imagine what it would be like without her around.

Our childhood was Italian family picnics picking apples off of my grandparent’s tree in the backyard. And playing baseball behind their house with all of our cousins and taking vacations together with other members of the family. We went to Catholic School and would walk home together and as she says in her act we watched General Hospital and Bandstand together when we got home.

On Saturday’s we would walk into town and take singing lessons together. We did sing together when we were kids and did harmony (which we sometimes do now when she is visiting). However, I did not want to be bothered with the lessons I was more into dance - but, of course, Peg was a natural and so it began.

Peg was a terrific big sister. She is quite funny and doesn’t realize it. She always wanted me with her. I went with her to take driving lessons and she would take me with her to see her friends. We have been in snow drifts together and together when she ran into the garage at my parents house. She was learning to drive and we had just pulled into the parking spot in front of the garage and I think she hit the gas instead of the break - I was in the back seat.

I do remember when RCA gave her I will Follow Him to take home and play with on the piano. She hated the song. We were all in the basement and she was playing the song on the piano and kept saying, “I don’t like this song, it just keeps repeating the same thing.” Little did we all know at the time. I remember all the excitement when she was on Perry Como and Bandstand and how we loved to watch her.

There was a long time between what is written above to where we got to now. She is a best friend and a beautiful person and we share so much now. My life was bitter sweet for a long time and she was in Germany for 10 years so we really grew apart during that time. But I like to think we needed to go through that to become what we are now.