2020 March 1st - 16th. Two back to back Rocky and the Roller cruises to the Caribbean
2019 November 9th Another Rocky and the Roller cruise to the Caribbean
2019 October 28th Schlager Legenden show in Aschaffenburg Stadthalle
2019 October 27th Schlager Legenden show in Wetzlar Stadthalle
2019 October 26th Schlager Legenden show in Ransbach-Baumbach Stadthalle
2019 October 25th Schlager Legenden show in Delbrück Stadthalle
2019 October 24th Schlager Legenden show in Beverungen Stadthalle
2019 October 23rd Schlager Legenden show in Fulda Esperantohalle
2019 October 22nd Schlager Legenden show in Leipzig Gewandhaus
2019 October 21st Schlager Legenden show in Berlin Admiralspalast
2019 April 2nd Peggy is in the Lady Legends of the 60s show at the Villages , Florida.
2019 March 17th Peggy is appearing in Rocky's Rock and Roll Party at The Villages, Florida
2019 February 24th - 3rd March Peggy is performing on another Rocky and the Roller cruise to the Caribbean.
2019 January 13th Peggy performs at the 2018 Smago awards ceremony and has a cast of her Hands for the Fernweh-park collection..
2019-13-1 Swago awards

2019 January 10th Peggy leaves for her trip to Germany to complete the song recording for her new album.
2018 November 5th Recording for the TV show Ein Kessel Buntes
2018 November 4th Schlager Legenden show in Chemnitz
2018 November 3rd Schlager Legenden show in Bad Neustadt
2018 November 2nd Schlager Legenden show in Furth
2018 October 29th - November 2nd Photoshoot for the new CD (not fixed).
2018 October 28th Schlager Legenden show in Leipzig
2018 October 27th Schlager Legenden show in Cottbus
2018 October 26th Schlager Legenden show in Berlin
2018 October 25th Ireen Sheer and Peggy are in Berlin recording a TV show.
2018 October 24th Peggy is in Hamburg recording a TV show.
2018 October 21st Schlager Legenden show in Frankfurt am Main
2018 October 20th Schlager Legenden show in Wesel
2018 October 19th Schlager Legenden show in Limburg
2018 October 18th Schlager Legenden show in Munster
2018 October 14th Schlager Legenden show in Köln
2018 October 13th Schlager Legenden show in Marburg
2018 October 12th Schlager Legenden show in Baunatal
2018 October 11th Schlager Legenden show in Beverungen
2018 October 11th Oct - 4th Nov Schlager Legenden 2018 tour
2018 October 10th Show in Essen
2018 October 9th Gute Laune Interview - Peggy reports that this was recorded earlier in the summer.

2018 October 6th Photoshoot in Munchen.
2018 October 5th TV Show, 50 Jahre Nord West Zentrum, Frankfurt.

2018 October 2nd-5th Photoshoot in Hamburg.
2018 October 1st Radio interview with Horst Senker, Koln.
2018 September 30th Peggy received an award from the Radio station Goldene Antenna in St Vith, Belgium.
2018 September 28th-29th Peggy visited Marburg.
2018 September 26th-27th Peggy and the other Schlager Legenden are in Stralsund for a Fernsehgarten show. This show was transmitted on the 30th September (below)

2018 September 25th Peggy starts her trip to Europe. During this trip Peggy will record a further two new tracks.
2018 Schlager Legenden

2018 August 8th Frank Stiller interviews Peggy March

2018 July 27th Peggy appeared on the NDR Talk Show (video below)

2018 July 27th Two new tracks (Schick ein Lied um die Welt and Hallo Willkommen) released to support the Autumn Schlager Legenden 2018 tour.
2018 July 22nd Peggy appeared on the SWR TV show Immer Wieder Sonntag (video below)

2018 July Recorded two new tracks in a Hamburg Studio.
2018 June 24th Appeared on a Cooking show with the TV chef Mirko Reeh.
2018 June 23rd-24th Recorded and performed at the Fernsehgarten show in Mainz, Germany. Broadcast on the 24th June. (video below)

2018 June Trip to Germany
2018 June 16th Peggy performed in the Summer Doo Wop Cavalcade at the American Music Theatre Lancaster, PA
2018 May 13th Peggy performed in Hershey Park.
2018 April 29th Peggy performed in Westbury, NY

2018 April 25th Peggy appeared in Port Huron, Mi.
2018 April13th Peggy appeared on the MDR show Die Party mit Ross Antony. (video below)

2018 March 11th - 18th Peggy again performed on another Rocky and the Roller cruise in the Caribbean.
2018 March 8th Gute Laune transmit a recorded interview with Peggy and Graham Bonney on Peggy's Birthday.

2018 March 6th Gute Laune transmit short promotional video for the Gute Laune show on March 8th.

2018 March 4th -11th Peggy again performed on the Rocky and the Roller cruise in the Caribbean. Highlight for Peggy was having Sande along for her 70th Birthday.
2018 February Peggy visits HR4 for a radio interview and also gives interviews to newspapers.
2018 January 31st - February 2nd Peggy recorded for the Ross Anthony show to be possibly transmitted in April
2017 September 24th Peggy enjoys a day around Greenwich. Peggy astride the Greenwich Meridian (below)

2108 24 09

2017 September 23rd Peggy visits the City of London and has a brief trip to Carnaby Street with Andreas Zaron and Glenys Ferguson (below)
2017 23 09 carnaby
2017 Sept 13th - 27th, Peggy is performing on the MS Europa Geburtstagskreuzfahrt
2017 June 30th. Ace records release the Audio CD If You Loved Me - RCA Recordings From Around The World 1963-1969.

2017 May 25th - June 4th, Peggy is performing on an Alaskan Cruise
2017 April 27th Schlager Legenden show in Ingolstadt
2017 April 26th Schlager Legenden show in Fürth
2017 April 25th Schlager Legenden show in Coburg
2017 April 24th Schlager Legenden show in Fulda
2017 April 23rd Schlager Legenden show in Hannover
2017 April 22nd Schlager Legenden show in Kassel
2017 April 21st Schlager Legenden show in Ransbach-Baumbach
2017 April 20th Schlager Legenden show in Offenbach
2017 April 19th Schlager Legenden show in Ludwigsburg
2017 April 18th Schlager Legenden show in Augsberg
2017 April 17th Schlager Legenden show in Würzburg
2017 April 15th Schlager Legenden show in Magdeburg
2017 April 7th Performing at the Casino Mond, Slovenia.
2017 March 18th Peggy performed in Palm Beach Gardens, FL
2017 March 17th Peggy appeared in a Doo Wop Reunion show, Clearwater, FL
2017 March 9th Peggy performed in Fort Myers, FL
2017 March 8th Peggy appeared in Lakeland, FL
2017 February 5th - 19th Peggy is again on two, one-week Rocky and the Roller cruises which both depart from Port Canaveral (depart Feb 5th & Feb 12th),
2017 January 21st - 28th Peggy performing in Sitzung rosa Wölkchen at the Willi-Brandt Halle, Mulheim/Main, Germany. TV broadcast below.

2017 January 17th Peggy again appeared at the Savannah Center, The Villages, Florida.
2016 December 10th,11th,16th & 17th Peggy performed in Michigan. She reports driving through a couple of snow storms.
2016 December 1st Peggy appeared at Largo, Fl.
2016 November 30th Article in Billboard about the cover I Will Follow Him by Toulouse in an Apple iPhone advert. "A few weeks ago, March received a phone call from her daughter-in-law, who asked, “Do you know they’re using your song?”
“She sent me a link to the commercial," March tells Billboard. "It’s so well done and Toulouse did a great job. It’s very modern and very pretty. He didn’t bastardize it in any way, and why not have a different rendition?”"
2016 November 12th Peggy performed at the 2016 AMG Heritage Awards in Monroe, NC. She received a Lifetime Achievement Award.
Peggy March copy2016AMG Poster

2016 November Peggy appeared at the Aaron Bessant Park, Panama City FL.
2016 October 28/29th Peggy sang in Coral Springs FL
oct 29
2016 September 3rd Peggy performed in Ohio at a private function.
2016 August 20th/21st Peggy performed at the Fernsehgarten show in Mainz, Germany
Medley with Lena Valaitis and Irene Sheer (recorded October 2013 but shortened and remixed)
2016 August 10th Release of a compilation of EMI recordings -
The Fly Away Little Flamingo and Costa Brava Albums.
2016 August 9th Peggy and Norwand appear on Austrian TV in the evening Heute Leben ORF show.
2016 August 6th Peggy is performed with Nordwand in Deutschlandsberg, Austria.

2016 August 3rd/4th Peggy had radio Interviews with Radio ORF OO, Radio Grun West, Radio West and Radio Murztal (below). This is to promote the new Mit 17 hat man noch Träume single with Nordwand.

2016 August 1st Peggy departs for a three week trip to Austria and Germany.
2016 July 27th Peggy and Norwand release the single Mit 17 hat man noch Träume

2016 May 8th Peggy is appeared in two shows at Hershey Park, PA
2016 April 16th ARD have a feature on Peggy recording with Nordwand in Graz

2016 April 2nd Peggy appeared in a Legends of the 50s and 60s concert at Ontario California
2016 March 24th Peggy is a guest on the Carmen Nebel show
Peggy performed two medleys with Irene Sheer and Cindy Berger (below)

The show also had a surprise for Peggy, Irene and Cindy

2016 March 19th Peggy is recording a Camen Nebel show in Germany
2016 March 12/13th Peggy is in Graz recording songs with Nordwand
Nordwand graz
2016 March 11th Peggy is on Volle Kanne (morning TV show) in Germany with Michael Holm and Graham Bonney.
2016 March 10th Interview appears in Bild
2016 bild 1003
2016 March 6th Schlager Legenden show in Siegen
2016 March 5th Schlager Legenden show in Hamburg/Harburg
2016 March 4th Schlager Legenden show in Gera
2016 March 3rd Schlager Legenden show in Delbrück
2016 March 2nd Schlager Legenden show in Niedernhausen
2016 March 1st Schlager Legenden show in Suhl. Peggy reports that she is having a grand time but would like one or two more hours of sleep a night.
2016 February 29th Schlager Legenden show in Wernesgrün
2016 February 28th Schlager Legenden show in Hameln
2016 February 27th Schlager Legenden show in Göttingen
2016 February 25th Schlager Legenden show in Stadtallendorf
2016 February 22nd - March 21st. Peggy returns to Germany to undertake an 11 day tour and record TV shows. These Schlager Legenden tour co-stars Lena Valaitis, Irene Sheer, Graham Bonney and Michael Holm).

2016 February 7th and 14th Peggy is again performing on two back to back cruises departing from from Port Canaveral Florida.
2016 February 1st Peggy performed in, Girls of the 60s, Fort Myers, Florida along with La La Brooks and the Chiffons.
2016 January 28th Peggy performed in Citrus Hills Florida
2016 January 27th Peggy has two shows at the Savannah Center, The Villages, Florida. Also on the bill are Shirley Alston Reeves and The Crystals. A review for Villages-News.com reports, “March was in vintage form on her big number and also offered a riveting version of “Bridge Over Troubled Water” that earned a standing ovation.”
2015 December 18th Performing in Melbourne, Florida.
2015 December 9th Performing at Boca Woods Country Club, Florida.
2015 October 31st TV transmission of her Zwickau performance.
2015 October 3rd Peggy performed in a show in Vienna.
2015 September 30th Peggy attends Ralph Siegel’s 70th Birthday Party at Schubecks Teatro. Below with Heino
2015 September 9th Peggy starts her trip to Germany and Austria. She will be doing some work in Austria with the group ‘Nordwand’ before filming for German TV on the September 23rd/24th in Zwickau.
2015 August 30th Appearing in a Royalty of Rock ’n Roll show at 2.00pm in North Shore Music Theatre Boston, Mass.
2015 July 25th Peggy performs a radio interview for access Fort Wayne - this gives a good feel for what Peggy is like when you speak to her.

2015 May 30th Peggy is appearing with The Vandellas at the Ladies Legends Tour-An evening with the Original Vandellas and Peggy March, The Village Theatre, Cherry Hill, Canton, Michigan.
2015 May 16th Peggy is a guest performer at a Hospice fund raiser in Palm Springs, California.
2015 Feb 1st -15th Peggy was a performer on the two Rocky and the Rollers Oldies Cruises which departed 1st and 8th Feb from Port Canaveral Florida. Peggy enjoyed herself but was struck down, like all the performers by a 'cold'.
2015 January 29th Peggy was the MC at the Savannah Center, The Villages, Florida.

2015 January 18th Peggy performed in Bowzer's Ultimate Doo-Wop Party Vol. XIV taking place at the Mohegan Sun Arena, Uncasville, CT.
2014 November 2nd - 9th Peggy reports that she had a great time performing on the Malt Shop Memories Cruise.
2014 October 11th Peggy appeared in a Legendary Ladies of Rock & Roll show along with The Chiffons, Leslie Gore and The Harptones. The show was at 8.00pm at the IP Casino Resort and Spa in Biloxi, Mississippi.
2014 September 30th Peggy performed one show at the NYCB Theatre, Westbury, New York along with Jay Siegel and the Tokens, The Tymes & The Harptones.
2014 September 13th Peggy performed two shows in the Fall Doo Wop Cavalcade concert Lancaster, Pennsylvania.
2014 May 10th - 11th Appeared with Lesley Gore in Legendary Ladies of Rock, Suncoast Casino, Las Vegas. Peggy fan Thomas Panciarello went to the Sunday show and reports

Peggy opened the show last night here in Las Vegas at the Suncoast Hotel & Casino. She was amazing. I had front row seats (stage left) and was truly happy to see how fabulous she is looking. Peggy's performance was about 45 minutes. She sounds better then ever, her songs were perfect. She made me delighted when she sang Mack The Knife just as her CD is, half German half english. Was hoping for Memories Of Heidelberg, she didn't do that one, makes sense. After the show as Guests were leaving everyone was raving how great both ladies were. I must agree, both were awesome but,Peggy can hold those notes like few can. Her voice never sounded better.

2014 April 29th Interview with Tom Meros

2014 April 27th Article in the Daily Times of Nigeria (http://dailytimes.com.ng/article/today-history-27th-april)

1963 High school freshman Little Peggy March earns a no 1 hit with "I Will Follow Him” On April 27, 1963, Margaret Annemarie Battavio's very first single, "I Will Follow Him," reached #1 on the U.S. pop charts. With her 15th birthday only six weeks behind her, and three more years of high school ahead of her, the singer better known as Little Peggy March became the youngest female performer ever to top the Billboard Hot 100, but she'd never crack the top 10 again. Financial exploitation by an unscrupulous manager and a string of disappointing singles thwarted Peggy's efforts to capitalize on her early success, but if this sounds like the familiar start of a depressing episode of VH1's Behind the Music, think again. Her domestic career may have peaked while she was still in pigtails, but Little Peggy March pulled herself up by her bootstraps to build a career of impressive proportions in the parallel universe of Europop.Little Peggy March went on to score hits in Italy, Spain, the Netherlands and Japan, but the place that really made her career was Germany. Maybe it was because she learned their language, or maybe it was because "I Will Follow Him" pushed some kind of button in their national psyche, but whatever the reason, the Germans went bonkers for Peggy March. Songs like "I Wish I Were A Princess," "My Teenage Castle (Is Crumbling Down)" and "Johnny Cool" fell flat commercially in America. But over in Germany, where the magician David Copperfield is revered as a Sex Got and David Hasselhoff was the first human invited to sing on the toppled Berlin Wall, little Margaret Battavio from Lansdale, Pennsylvania, spent the 1960s and 70s scoring hits like "Telegram aus Tennessee," winning the Baden-Baden Shlagerfestspiele and raking in the deutsche marks with albums like Hey, Das Ist Musik Für Mich. And if those accomplishments alone do not impress, consider this: In the 1980s, Peggy March also wrote songs that got Europeans to spend money on records by Audrey Landers (of Landers Sisters fame) and by the duo of Jermaine Jackson and Pia Zadora.After spending the better part of two decades living in Germany, Peggy March eventually returned to the United States where she continues to perform regularly and where she still holds the record for youthful chart achievement that she set on this day in 1963

2014 April 23rd Performs in a show in Port Huron Michigan.
2014 April 21st Billboard Com (http://www.billboard.com/articles/columns/chart-beat/6062535/this-week-in-billboard-chart-history-rihannas-rude-boy-rules-hot) reports

April 27, 1963 Little Peggy March began a three-week reign on the Billboard Hot 100 with "I Will Follow Him." She was 15 years and one month old when the song reached the summit, making her the youngest female to ever notch a Hot 100 No. 1 - still a record. "I am surprised that the record still stands," March has marveled to Billboard. "A lot of singers in the '60s were teenagers; I was just the youngest. However, today the singers keep getting younger and younger. Having a No. 1 is an achievement which I am thankful for. I imagine that one day my record will be broken, and I will hand over the crown. I would love to be a part of the celebration when and if it happens."

2014 March 14th Peggy had a 45 minute show at the Inviva Messe in Nürnberg, Germany. Link to the Franken Fernsehen interview http://www.frankenfernsehen.tv/mediathek/video/peggy-march-auf-der-seniorenmesse-inviva-2014/#.U-EIR6gbqTo

2014 February 14th Peggy performed at the Woman's Club of Ft Lauderdale charity Event. Peggy reports that she enjoyed herself at the 50s themed event.
2014 January 30th Hernando Peggy sang and was the MC at the two sell-out shows in the the Citrus Hill Activity Center.
2014 January 23rd Peggy was the MC at the Savannah Center, The Villages, Florida. The two shows features Dodie Stevens, Kathy Young, and the Crystals both shows were sold out.