25th October Little Me is recorded.

6th November Little Me released (RCA Victor Single 47-8107). Reverse is Pagan Love Song
PM 1962 little me 7PM 1962 Pagan Love Song 7

17th November Billboard lists the release of Little Me and rates it three stars (moderate sales potential)

Peggy recalls “The first record I did with Hugo and Luigi was called "Little Me". It came out in 1962. I guess it was because of the song's title that I got the nickname, "Little" Peggy March. But also, I was only 13, and stood 4'10" at the time. They had said "Battavio" is just too long... you need something shorter and snappier... "When's your birthday?" They asked me. "March 8th", I said. "Okay, from now on, you're 'Little' Peggy March.""Little Me" was a song taken from a successful Broadway show that Sid Caesar was currently doing, in which he played seven different comedic roles. The record "Little Me" only lasted three weeks on the charts; it was just an uncommercial project... it had an odd melody... it just wasn't "hook-y" enough for Top 40. (http://www.retrosellers.com/features115.htm)

The 2008 interview with Ronnie Allen gives good detail on 1962 and 1963.