2nd/3rd February Romeo und Julia, Fällt der Regen In das Meer, and Spar dir deine Dollar are recorded in Berlin.

4th February Billboard report that the 'Foreign Stars Of Remo Fest' includes "Paul Anka (RCA), Frankie Avalon (UA), Ben E. King (Atco), Frankie Laine (ABC), Peggy March (RCA),' Gene Pitney (Musicor), Antonio Prieto (RCA Argentine), Los Hermanos Rigual (RCA Mexico), Bobby Rydell, April Stevens and Nino Tempo (Atco), Petula Clark (Vogue France), Connie Francis (MGM), Udo Jurgens (Vogue Germany),.." (The Sanremo Festival was held 26th-28th January)

11th February Wolfgang Spahr reporting from Hamburg for Billboard in the 'Music Capitals of the World' section writes that "Teldec has recorded German language singles by...Peggy March(US). ..."

8th March After celebrating her 19th birthday with a three-hour lunch with the RCA secretaries Peggy is an hour late for a meeting with Arnie Harris. (Arnie Harris becomes her second manager, becomes her husband in 1968 and suggests the move to Germany which takes place in 1969.) Peggy says that someone in RCA forgot to inform her of the meeting with Arnie. Peggy was wearing a green A-line shift and her 'flip' hairdo both of which Arnie hated. Arnie wouldn't agree to be Peggy's manager without seeing her perform so he arranged a performance at the Concord Hotel in the Catskill Mountains (a famous destination for visitors to the Borscht Belt). Peggy duly performed in a black top and white skirt to the audience of 3000 and must have impressed Arnie because immediately after the show Arnie signed on as Peggy's manager. Arnie soon sorted out a studio apartment for Peggy and whilst this was 'very small' it offered more space than the shared room Peggy was living in at the time in a Womens' Hostel.(The original move to New York was her father's idea because Peggy spending so much time travelling to New York - around three times a week. Initially Peggy lived in a hotel before seeking more permanent accommodation. She approached a Home for Women and the interview was going well until they asked Peggy her religion. When they found out Peggy was a Catholic they had nothing available - Peggy reports that's the only time she has suffered from discrimination)

peggy_march-memories_of_heidelberg_sPM Memories of Heidelber rare cover 12pmdecovera
11th March Memories of Heidelberg reaches No 2 on the German Charts and is there for a total of 21 weeks of which 11 are spent in the top ten.
20th March Appears on the TV Show Gus Backus präsentier Hits aus 66

8th April Omer Anderson reporting from Cologne for Billboard in the 'Music Capitals of the World' section writes that "Peggy March has just wound up a tour of American military units in Germany and has made a successful TV appearance on the program "Music From Studio B." Peggy's big hit has been her German title "Memories of Heidelberg."

19th May This Heart Wasn’t Made To Kick Around is recorded.

27th May A review of Your Good Girl's Gonna Go Bad in Billboard under 'Pop Spotlights - top 60' "Your Good Girl's Gonna Go Bad The raucous hit currently No. 2 on the country chart serves as powerful material for Peggy March and should prove the item to put her on the Hot 100 chart again. Material, arrangement and her strong vocal work fits today's pop market. Flip: "Mama, Dear, Papa, Dear" RCA Victor 9223

10th June RCA Victor place an ad in Billboard following the good review of Your Good Girl's Gonna Go Bad. "Peggy March has a strong pop version of the C&W smash Your Good Girl's Gonna Go Bad c/w Mama Dear, Papa Dear. It's a single pick of the week in Cash Box and Billboard. Better get on it!."
your good
29th June Telegramm aus Tennessee, Wiedersehn, Canale Grande Number One, Der Mond scheint schön, and More are recorded in Berlin.

8th July A report from Hamburg for Billboard in the 'Music Capitals of the World' section writes that "Caterina Valente is set for four TV spectaculars with guest appearances by Peter Alexander (ariola) Alice and Ellen Kessler and Peggy March (RCA)

8th August This Heart Wasn’t Made To Kick Around is released.

26th August Omer Anderson writing in Billboard reports that the Berlin gala features an all star international array of talent and notes that the list includes Peggy March.

26th August 1967 Peggy was the first solo singer to appear on the TV broadcast Gala der Schallplatte. She sang Romeo and Julia and the extract is below - Peggy tells me the dress was chosen because it was colourful. This transmission is notable for being the first transmission in colour to be received across several European counties. (Colour transmissions in West Germany had been launched the day before by Chancellor Willy Brandt).
9th September Billboard, in an article titled ' 25 Pop and Lieder LPs in Teldec's Five-Star Program'. reports that " ...Other "five-star" attractions are Caterina Valente, Peggy March, Paul Anka, Tom Jones and such top German artists as Hans Albers, Werner Mueller, and Hazy Osterwald. Teldec's list is not only one of the most catholic pop programs offered by the company but also entirely international in keeping with Teldec's conviction that "music knows no frontiers.""

21st Sept Appears as herself on The Joey Bishop Show

23rd September Romeo und Julia reaches No 1 on the German Charts and is there for a total of 22 weeks of which 12 are spent in the top ten.

21st October Billboard in an article titled ' Matsuoka, of RCA Nippon, in U.S.' writes that " Kiyotaka Matsuoka,, head of RCA Victor at Nippon Victor in Japan, is in the United States to discuss with RCA executives further exploitation of Japanese songs by U.S. artists. Nippon Victor has scored successes with such artists as Peggy March and George Hamilton IV..."

23rd Dec Ray Brack reporting from Chicago for Billboard in the 'Music Capitals of the World' section writes that "Allen Sherman and Peggy March open Dec 26th (at Mister Kelly's)."

Dec(?) Telegramm aus Tennessee is released

The LP Hello Boys! is released by RCA Victor - LSP 10141
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Peggy’s song Romeo Und Julia appears on the compilation LP Das Klingende Schlageralbum 1967 SR International - BLK 76 941.
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