2nd March Appears on the TV Music show Die Drehscheibe

20th March Peggy appears on the ZDF Hitparade

17th April Peggy appears on the ZDF Hitparade

1st May Malcolm Davies from Tokyo for Billboard writes “Aoyama Music Promotion is releasing “Love Story” by Peggy March in Japanese and English”.

15th May from Tokyo for Billboard in the 'Music Capitals of the World' section writes "... Also on Denon, an LP by Peggy March entitled "Love Story" has been released in connection with her current tour of major Japanese cities..." Walther Mallin reporting from Hamburg, also in the 'Music Capitals of the World' section reports "... Peggy March recorded 15 TV programs in Japan at the end of April...".

20th May Peggy is a guest on the 90 minute TV Special Eine Welt voll Musik hosted by Helmut Zacharias.

6th June Sing, wenn du glücklich bist and Lieben schöner als träumen are recorded in Munich.

This video of Peggy singing Abanda and Lieben schöner als träumen is probably from summer 1971
18th June Peggy’s song I Will Follow Him is used in the Film The Neon Palace

24th June 23rd Anniversary of the start of the Berlin Airlift. Photo below taken by Hal Maynard of the USAF. Peggy is inside the nacelle of a C-5 Galaxy at Berlin's Tempelhof Airport.
pm Templehof 1971 C-5 Galaxy engine -

10th July Article in Sexy with the title Arnie, komm, wir machen Budenzauber

18th August Sing, wenn du glücklich bist reaches No 35 on the German Charts and is in the charts for a total of 4 weeks.

28th August Billboard reports in an item titled "Top Artists On German TV Hamburg" (that) "West Germany's ZDF TV station is to present a series of major TV shows - starring leading television personalities this fall. The shows will star Vicco Torriani, Roy Black and Udo Jurgens... Torriani's show will feature Peggy March, Cliff Richard, Curd Jurgens and, of course, Black himself. Peter Alexander and Chris Howland will also appear."

1st September Appears on the TV Music show Die Drehscheibe.

18th Oct Appears in Musik aus Studio B and sings Doktor.
28th November Appears in the TV show Peter Alexander präsentiert Spezialitäten

11th December Billboard reports, in the article 'RADIO-TV COVERS MUSIC FULLY', that "...Foreign entertainers who appear live on Japan-filmed tape are usually given nothing more than a pearl necklace or some other trinket as payment. Still, the use of television in the promotion of a foreign artist is very effective in creating demand for records and concert tickets, as The Osmonds, Peggy March, Pat Boone, David and Hedva from Israel and many others can verify."

16th December Distributes gifts at the VII Corps Christmas party for orphans held at Kelley Barracks Stuttgart. (Photo below). Doug Hawk, an enlisted man working in the public information office at Kelley Barracks, VII Corps Headquarters was supposed to interview Peggy for the Corps newspaper. However a thoughtless officer insulted her because she was wearing a red, white and blue striped pant suit. Peggy is reported to have been understandably annoyed. Peggy remembers the outfit well but can't recall the insult. If insulted Peggy says that she would have got annoyed.


18th December Ich weiss, ich verlieb mich noch heute in dich and Sonne und Weine are recorded in Munich.

Peggy’s song Sing, Wenn Du Glücklich Bist appears on the compilation LP Gala-Show Der Stars 2 Telefunken - S 14 640-P
Releases the LP Love Story in Japan under the Denon label CD-7012
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Hallo Partner 1971 released for the German Highway Commisson TST77148
PM 1972 Hallo Partner

28th December Appears as herself in Das Haut den Starksten Zwillig um. Two stills from the film are below


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