15th August Dreh’ die Uhr zuruck zum Anfang, lyrics by Peggy, reaches No 37 on the German Charts and is in the charts for a total of 6 weeks. The other song on this disk is Du bist da with the lyrics again by Peggy (7” Single EMI 1C-006 46068)


Dann ist es Liebe, is her other new record released in 1980. The other song on this 7” Single is Dreh dich um lyrics by Peggy (EMI 1C-006 46232)

October Peggy, Arnie and Sande leave Germany for their new home in Los Angeles, USA. Los Angeles is chosen because it is a centre for Show Business,

25th August Peggy appears on the ZDF Hitparade performing Dreh’ die Uhr zuruck zum Anfang

Peggy’s song I Will Follow Him used in the Film The Hollywood Knights