24th June The track Und auf einmal ist er Frei is released under the Koch label ASIN: B000070F8C (Also available on the Album Der Beste aus 96 - Schlager-Hits (CD-Compilation Koch 330 199 X1)).

1st July The album Aus purer Sehnsucht nach dir is released under the Koch label (CD-Album Koch 399 881).

Bear Family Records release two new compilation CDs, In der Carnaby Street, and, Ich denk’ zuruck an die Ziet, cover everything she recorded in German on the Decca label. Unlike the 1991 ‘RCA period’ compilation CDs this time the liner notes are in German only. As before though the 49 tracks on the two CDs are an essential inclusion in any fans collection and represent excellent value for money.
In der Carnaby Street (CD Bear Family BCD 15 967)
CD Ich den' zuruck an die zeit BCD
Ich denk’ zuruck an die Ziet (CD Bear Family BCD 15 969)

Sony Music release the compilation CD Romeo Und Julia under the Bmg Hbg label.ASIN: B00000I32B
Romeo and Julia BMG
Peggy’s recording of Alles Geht Vorüber appears on the Compilation CDs Ralph Siegel - Mr. Grand Prix - Ein Komponistenportrait Von Ralph Siegel. This is released by BMG - 74321 34301 2 and Ariola Express - 74321 34301 2
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Peggy’s recording of Romeo Und Julia appears on the Compilation CD The World of Schlager Der 60er This is released by ZYX Music - ZYX 11028-2.
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Appears on ZDF Hit Parade singing Und auf einmal ist er Frei.

Appears on the TV show "Musik liegt in der Luft" from Essen singing Zu nah' am Himmel