2013 December 31st Peggy is a guest in the ZDF Hitparty show.
2013 December 25th Peggy spends Christmas with her daughter's family in Chicago.

2013 December Peggy's Christmas Card
happy holidays
2013 October 26th Peggy is a surprise guest on the Carmen Nebel show. Photo below is of Peggy attending the aftershow party.

The surprise for the 86 year old grandmother!
pm--munich-2013 October 24-25th In Magdeburg rehearsing for the Carmen Nebel Show
PM in Madgeburg  13-10-26

2013 October 21st Peggy March attends the presentation of the Manfred Baumann New Calendar 2014 at the King's Hotel Center. Photo below)

2013 October 18th Peggy appeared on the "Volle Kanne" ZDF morning show. Edited highlights are below

2013 October 15 -17th Rehearsals and Filming in Cologne for the ZDF New Years Eve Party
2013 October 11th Peggy appeared on the live NDR evening talk show in Hamburg. (Below With her guests Mary Roos and Andreas Zaron). Peggy and Mary went out for a couple of meals at Mary's favourite Japanese restaurant - Peggy is also a big fan of Japanese food.

9th October Peggy leave Florida for her trip to Germany
2013 September 14th Peggy performs with Kathy Young and Dodie Stevens at the Allegany High School in Cumberland, Maryland. Photo below was taken after the show with (left to right) Stephanie, (Dodie Steven's daughter who works with her mother), Dodie Stevens, Peggy & Kathy Young. Peggy reports that they made a ladies weekend out of it.
2013 August 5th Peggy returns to the US.
2013 August 4th Peggy appears in ZDF's Fernsehgarten show from Mainz and sings Every Day's A New Day from the Album Always and Forever.
Photo of Peggy with Lena Valaitis from the 4th August show
PMlenaValaitis zdf040813
July Articles about Peggy that appeared in the German press
article 1
article 2
article 3

2013 July 8th Peggy is interviewed by Radio VHR in Mainz.

2013 July 7th Peggy appears on ZDF's Fernsehgarten show from Mainz and performs a medley of 'oldies'.
2013 July 4th Peggy commences her 'July' trip to Germany
2013 May 23rd Peggy is interviewed by the webmaster of this site at her Florida home.
2013 May 19th Peggy hosts a Celebration of the Life of Arnie Harris. (This would have been Peggy and Arnies' 45th Wedding Anniversary) (Below - preparing the balloons for release.)
2013 May 1st Interview with The Reporter, Lansdale
2013 April 30th Article on Peggy in Freizeit Spass
2013 April 15th A 1960s compilation of some of Peggy's German Hits in a series called Schlagerstars der 60er Jahre. The video quality in most of these clips is much higher than was previously available.
Go here if the video doesn’t load.
2013 March 25th Peggy's husband Arnie dies.
2013 February 16th Peggy performs at a private function near her home in Florida

2013 January 27th Peggy was part of the Rocky and the Rollers Oldies Cruise (27th Jan - Feb 2nd 2013). Amongst other activities, Peggy performed a 50 minute show.
2013 January 22nd Night Dance Records release a 50th Anniversary video of Peggy singing I Will Follow Him.

2013 January 16th Peggy is the MC at the Rocky & The Rollers Lady Legends show at the Savannah Center, The Villages, Florida. She did sing a few songs but mainly introduced the other artists.