January 14 ‘Always and Forever’ Album trailer with interesting comments from Peggy - (with permission of Night Dance Records)

An interview (in German) about the new album Always and Forever

January 18/19 ARD Broadcast VERRÜCKT NACH MEER where PEGGY MARCH visits Andreas Zaron in San Francisco and performs
‘When the rain begins to Fall’ in a late-nite-show on the MS ALBATROSS.

January 24th Peggy’s recording of
Die Entdeckung Des Jahrhunderts appears on the Compilation CD/Vinyl Funky Frauleins Vol 2. This is published by Grosse Freiheit ASIN: B004BCO770

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February 1st Interview in the Globe Gazette about her visit to Clear Lake Iowa

February 5th Peggy appears at the Surf Ballroom in Clear Lake, Iowa.

April 18th The new album Always and Forever is released.

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June 28th The 3 CD compilation album Feuer der Sehnsucht released (CD Koch B0054MEIS4) ASIN: B0054MEIS4

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August Interview In Daeida magazine

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October 18th Peggy attends the funeral of her father Carmen R. Battavio (d. 8th October) in Lansdale.