February 24th Peggy is a guest on the TV show Zum blauen Bock

EMI Electrola release the disco inspired album Electrifying (1C 066-45 553) This was not a commercial success.

May 13th Peggy is a guest on the TV show Musical Melodien

Fly Away Pretty Flamingo appears on the compilation LP Stars Das Grosse Hitfeuerwerk Aus “Musik Ist Trumpf” EMI - 1 C 028-45 742, EMI Electrola 1 C 028-45 742.

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Decca release the LP Peggy March (Decca 4.24041 CL)

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2nd August Appears in on the West German ZDF TV in Ausschnitt 8 x 1 In Noten with Marlene Charell, Jürgen Drews, Peggy March, Su Kramer und Roberto Blanco. Shorter clips with Peggy below.

August 25th Peggy is a guest on the TV show Music its Trumpf

September 1979 Peggy appears on the TV Game show Ein Platz an der Sonne