Peggy March 1983

Peggy joins a new band - BMW - with Michael Bradley and Steve Wittmack. The band was short-lived. Steve Wittmack recalls

We actually went to Frankfurt Germany and performed for a BMW corporate hopes of getting some kind of endorsement deal (which never happened). We also did a tour in Japan. But we only played live in the U.S. one time...a showcase for the record company. If anyone has seen the soundtrack album for the movie "Savage Streets" you should look to see who is credited for the two songs "Killer" and "In The Night." Some albums say "BMW" and some say "Michael Bradley." The band broke up not long after we had signed the record deal.

One of the outcomes of the band was the record When the Rain Begins To Fall. Michael Bradley adds to the story

MICHAEL BRADLEY: I was a co-writer on a song with Steve Wittmack and Peggy March (I Will Follow Him) called "When the Rain Begins To Fall." Before I get into this story... I just want to let everyone know that my partner, Khristina K and I are currently recording a new version of this song that will be available (probably as a mp3 download on in the near future.

I originally recorded the song with Peggy March as a duet... and it was going to be our first record with a band called BMW (Bradley, March and Wittmack). We performed in Germany and Japan. When we got back from Japan, we found out that some "back door" negotiations were going on and Pia Zadora, who was being produced by our producer, Jack White, heard the song and wanted to sing it with me. For reasons better left unsaid, I balked at singing the song with Pia... so they got Jermaine Jackson to record it with her... and we lost the song. It ended up being a giant worldwide smash hit. It was the number one song on the charts in Germany, France, Spain, Italy, The Netherlands, and Belgium to name just a few countries.

Peggy reports that the breakup was one of those things that happen in groups. Eventually the creative benefits were insufficient to compensate for the differences of opinion. In Japan, for example, the audience expected Peggy to perform her old material whereas Steve and Mike wanted to concentrate on new material.

The demo version of Peggy and Michael singing When the Rain Begins To Fall is below.

Peggy is a co writer of Manuel Goodbye recorded by Audrey Landers

Peggy appears in a SWR TV Transmission

Peggy performs two songs on the TV show Ralph Siegel Lieder sind die schönsten Freunde