Peggy March 2021

2021 May 6th Peggy flies to Germany.

2021 May Peggy is in Hamburg recording a new single

2021 May 25th Peggy records for the 50 Jahre Hitparade show.

2021 June 13th Peggy appears in the Fernsehgarten show

2021 June 27th Peggy performs on SWR's TV show Immer Wieder Sonntags

2021 June 30th Peggy returns to the USA.

2021 July 10th Transmission of the 50 Jahre Hitparade show (recorded on May 25th).

2021 July 25th Peggy latest release Das Jeder Tag Zahit is popular with the viewers of BRF 2

2021 October 10th Peggy is performing at Landmark Theatre, Port Washington Long Island (replaces cancelled September show). Photo from the show below.

2021 November 11th Peggy returns to Germany for new song and TV recording. She recordis two new songs and a TV show in Hamburg.)

2021 November 23rd Recording for the German Quiz Show Wer Weiss Denn Sowass? (scheduled for transmission on 8th and 25th February)

2021 December 5th Peggy buys a Toffee Apple from a Stall at the Christmas Market in Marburg.

2021 December 8th Peggy heads home for Christmas.

2021 December 19th Peggy celebrates Christmas back home in Florida. The home made biscuits are a family favourite called 'Pizelles'.