Peggy March 1968

January 2nd Bravo predicts that Telegramm aus Tennessee will be a success.

January 6th Telegramm aus Tennessee reaches No 15 on the German Charts and is in the charts for a total of 10 weeks.

January 27th Billboard reports performance at Mister Kelly’s, Chicago.“CHICAGO - The audience at Mister Kelly’s here discovered a new and mature Peggy March during a recent week long stand. The RCA Victor artist, who broke into the business at 14 as “Little Peggy March” with clicks like “I Will Follow Him” is now a slim, 21-year-old platinum blond who moves with assurance through a widely varied act. Her maturity was especially evident on the sixth night of the stand. An American Federation of Musicians’ rule here only allows a house band to work on five consecutive nights. A new trio tried to run away from her on two up-tempo numbers but only her manager, Arnie Harris, and Victor a& i vice-president Ernie Altschuler detected the tension. Miss March was forced to work through two slow openers instead of her spirited “Feelin Good,” the regular act opener. But on both the slow numbers her voice was strong and warm, especially on the Rod McCuen arranged combination of “Autumn Leaves” and “If You Go Away.” Her partner on the bill was Warner Bros artist Alan Sherman, and she wants to record “I Want To Laugh” from his new musical, “Birth Is The Cowards Way Out.” Sherman sang several of his own songs. Miss March’s newest album on RCA Victor is “No Foolin.” She is set for 17 TV shows as a replacement for Jackie Gleason. EARL PAIGE”

February 15th Appears as herself on The Mike Douglas Show.

February 27th If You Loved Me is recorded.

March 16th Wolfgang Spahr reporting from Hamburg for Billboard in the 'Music Capitals of the World' section writes that "Teldec released new singles by Peggy March ..."

16th March Canale Grande Number One reaches No 18 on the German Charts and is in the charts for a total of 11 weeks.

March 30th A review of If You Loved Me in Billboard under 'Pop Spotlights - top 60' "Peggy Mach-* If You Loved Me* (Soul Coaxing-Ame Caline) The beautiful Raymond Lefevre instrumental hit is given a potent vocal reading with equal sales potential of the original hit. The most commercial sound for Miss March for today's market. Flip "Thinking Through My Tears" RCA Victor 47-9494."

April 6th Espen Eriksen reporting from Copenhagen for Billboard in the 'Music Capitals of the World' section writes that "RCA released Peggy March's follow up to "Romeo Und Julia." Telegramm aus Tennessee."

April 13th Photo in Billboard and RCA advert for* If You Loved Me* following the good review of the 30th March

May 19th Marries her manager Arnie Harris. Peggy reports ‘Arnie and I were married in NYC at Danny's Hideaway, a popular restaurant at the time, It was closed on a Sunday, and we used the upper floor for the ceremony and short reception afterwards.

Below - Peggy's friend Lee Straci, the Matron of Honor, makes some final adjustments. Then cutting the cake.

May 28th Peggy is a guest on The Mike Douglas Show

June 1st A report from Cincinnati for Billboard in the 'Music Capitals of the World' section says "Bob Braun's "50-50 Club," the 21-year-old Avco Broadcasting noontime variety TV Show, is a popular stopover for recording stars. On the guest list for May so far have been ... Peggy March (8)...

June 5th Appears as herself on The Dom DeLuise Show.

June Peggy appears on the NDR TV Show "Aktuelle Schaubude"

June 28th Du, du, du gehst mir im Kopf herum, Es war höchste Eisenbahn, Yesterday Waltz, Wedding In My Dreams, Ende der Zwanziger Jahre and Mississippi Shuffleboat are recorded in Berlin.

July 3rd Appears as herself on The Dom DeLuise Show.

July 6th Wolfgang Spahr reporting from Hamburg for Billboard in the 'Music Capitals of the World' section writes ...Teldec's Peggy March flew in to Hamburg for TV dates...

July 6th Das ist der Musik für mich reaches No 21 on the German Charts and is in the charts for a total of 6 weeks.

July 9th Weil die Leibe zaubern kann,* Mister Giacomo Puccini, Bahama Lullaby, Ich frage Die Zigeunerin* and Happy Birthday are recorded in Berlin.

July 15th Peggy is a guest in the German TV show Music aus Studio B

July 20th Bas Hageman, reporting from Amsterdam for Billboard in the 'Music Capitals of the World' section, writes "...Peggy March, in Holland for two days, taped a show with the Charlie Nederpelt Orchestra for local VARA radio and was interviewed by Radio Veronica's Gerard de Vries..."

July 29th Bravo Magazine has a feature on Peggy

August 21st Peggy is a guest on the TV show Europarty. The Moody Blues are also on the show. The show was recorded over a five day period earlier in the week. Peggy remembers this show very much because it was recorded in Prague just before the Russian tanks appeared and the whole event was compounded by water and food problems at the hotel she, Arnie and The Moody Blues were staying in. The food was very limited and the water was rationed. Peggy had a bath full of water to last her stay - so had The Moody Blues but they missed the briefing so thought the bath of water was just sloppy housekeeping and drained the bath. Peggy has no idea how they managed for the stay because you couldn't get any more water. The hotel also had accommodation problems and when Peggy tried to book in she was told the room would be shared with a Russian General! Arnie had a big row and eventually managed to have Peggy to himself! The Bridge at Remagen was being filmed locally and actors, including Robert Vaughn, where also staying at the hotel.

August (?) Peggy opens Peggy March Brucke in Karlsfeld (near Munich). This is a footbridge over the Moosgraben and you can still visit the bridge (2019)

August 31st Wolfgang Spahr reporting from Hamburg for Billboard in the 'Music Capitals of the World' section writes Teldec's Peggy March will be presented with her first German gold record in Elmshorn, near Hamburg, Sept 3rd in recognition of 3,000,000 total sales....

September 3rd Award presented (this was reported in the 5th October edition of Billboard reports 3,000,000 single sales in Germany - photo from Billboard below)

September 18th Die Sonne kommt ja wieder is recorded in Berlin.

September 21st Mississippi Shuffleboat reaches No 30 on the German Charts and is in the charts for a total of 6 weeks.

October 1st Peggy appears in the ORF TV movie Ein Jahr O 3

October 1st If You Loved Me is released

October 5th Billboard reports 3,000,000 single sales in Germany

October 10th A feature on Peggy in a Dutch magazine

October Appears on a French television show with American recording artist, Harry Nilsson. "Harry & Peggy were both signed to RCA in 1968, so I can only assume they were both sent on a junket by the company." The extract below shows Harry & Peggy lip-syncing to their songs, along with a short segment where Harry shows up at Peggy's 'house' for tea. Peggy reports that Harry wrote some wonderful music and was extremely talented - she found him strange but believes this could be explained by his insecurity.

October 21st Peggy appears in the TV listings magazine Bravo 43

December Peggy is one of the artists appearing on the 1st edition of the 50 Jahre Schwizer Radio Hitparade- Peggy is in 5th place with Romeo und Julia

The LP No Foolin’ is released by RCA VIctor (in both the US and Germany) - LSP 3883. The songs on this album are all in English.

Peggy wins a Bronze Otto in the annual Bravo magazine wards (Wencke Myre won the Gold Otto and Manuela the Silver Otto).

German TV appearance with Peggy singing More in English before a short extract that comments on the length of Peggy's miniskirt before Peggy sings Mississippi Shuffleboat (in German). The second clip, from the same show, has Peggy singing Falling in Love.

Peggy records the Album Amor