Little Known Facts

1 At school Peggy always wanted to be a professional singer and had no other career ambitions.

2 She was forced to leave Lansdale Catholic High School and switch to a Private School. No, this was not because she was badly behaved but simply that her success meant she missed too many lessons to legally continue in Public Education. Peggy would have much preferred to have finished her education at Lansdale Catholic High School.

3 She wrote poetry at school and progressed to practicing song lyrics on her guitar.

4 Peggy has composed music but focuses on writing lyrics.

5 Peggy only writes lyrics in English because, although fluent in spoken German, she feels her grammar skills are insufficient to be error free in that language.

6 Peggy ‘vocalises’ every day although she has no fixed time for these voice exercises.

7 Mahjong is usually played by Peggy when she vocalises.

8 Peggy can offer you a Tarot Card reading - she learned this skill when she lived in California.

9 She doesn’t smoke or drink.

10 As a teenager Peggy regularly travelled on her own between Lansdale and New York. She used the bus and train and walked around New York. Her Mum was really worried about this but Peggy was never concerned.

11 Many Germans don’t realise that Peggy is an American.

12 Germany was not Peggy and Arnie’s first choice for a European location when they made the move to Europe in 1969. They first considered London, but felt it too prone to fog. Amsterdam was also considered before Germany. In Munich Peggy felt immediately ‘at home’ and felt she belonged there. Both Arnie and Peggy subsequently loved their time in the city.

13 Peggy spent much of her youth and early career in song contests and she is highly unlikely to be tempted into any future ones!

14 If Peggy is at home on her birthday she has “2 scoops of ice cream at a restaurant here, near the beach, that make's it's own”

15 Peggy collects anything with music notes or G clefs.

16 She loves Prinzregententorte and says the cake cooked in Bavaria is the best!

17 Peggy doesn’t swim because of her sinuses but is sometimes found at Aqua aerobics classes.

18 Peggy was very shy when off stage when young - when interviewed she would reply ‘yes’ or ‘no’ to the frustration of the interviewers

19 She loves live performances and although she spends lots of time preparing for them she recognises that things can go wrong e.g. when the performance had to be delayed because of flooding or losing the microphone or her pants.

20 Have you got a haunted house? If so, Peggy would probably love to pay you a visit. At one British hotel Peggy was most disappointed to discover that she had not been given the room with the ghost.

21 Peggy has a great dislike of coming down stairs - often used in German TV shows for dramatic effect.

22 How many people, apart from Peggy, have kept Hermit Crabs as pets?

23 The ring tone on Peggy's smartphone is I Will Follow Him

24 "My Father named me Peachie when I was born. He said it was due to my complexion. I was called that all through school, and still feel at home when I hear it...I just don't like it to be yelled out from the audience."

25 Celebrating at Christmas in Germany was difficult because many 'traditional' US ingredients were hard to get, even from the local speciality shop. Parcels were sent from the US with special items. Peggy followed the local tradition and had a tall 'real' Christmas tree that was dressed with decorations by Peggy and a very young Sandie. As a consequence "There was always too many decorations at the bottom of the tree". To finish the decorations Arnie would lift Sandie to place the angel at the top. Presents were opened on the 25th December so Sandie had to wait! (German tradition, like much of Europe is to open presents on the 24th December).

26 Peggy avoids dairy products because they don't agree with her.

27 At her home, Peggy has 4 Kimonos and 2 Japanese Dolls (in glass cases) from her trips to Japan.

28 Peggy rarely takes vacations.

29 Peggy wished she had more time to travel and top of her list is travelling around England by train.

30 Breakfast is usually Peanut Butter on Ezekiel Bread (sometimes accompanied by an Apple or Banana).