Peggy March 2023

2023 February 12th Peggy took part on a Rocky and the Rollers cruise.

2023 March 1st Peggy appears on Studio 3 - Live aus Babelsburg

2023 March 3rd Peggy is appears on MDR um 4

2023 March 3rd Peggy was on the MDR TV show Riverboat

2023 March 6th Peggy appeared on ZDF's Volle Kanne show

2023 March 8th Peggy's autobiography I Will Follow Me is released.

2023 March 15th Peggy appears on ARD's Morgenmagazin

2023 March 15th Peggy is a guest on the WDR show Hier und Heute

2023 March 19th Peggy is performs the first of a series of Musical Readings in Bad Kissingen

2023 April 10th Peggy will appear at the Schlosspark Theatre Berlin in another Musical Readings show.

2023 April 27th Peggy is appearing on NDR's Rote Sofas show

2023 April 29th Peggy is performing in a charity concert Wilkomen bei Andreas Hess

2023 June 16th Peggy will appear at the Marienkirche, Dessau Rosslau, in another Musical Readings show.

2023 September 22nd - 28th Peggy is performing on the six day Fly and Help cruise of the English Channel